Customer Support Handbook…

Customer Support Handbook copy  I recently heard about this fantastic book called “The Customer Support Handbook: How to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience For Your Brand.” So the other day I decided to download it off Kindle, and I’m honestly so happy that I did.

The advice Sarah Hatter offers is so concise and simple, but profoundly truthful. I was up into the wee hours of the morning, reading as much as I could. I finally shut it down

I’m absolutely in LOVE with this book. Why didn’t I read this sooner?? I loved the background story of Mr. Selfridge who was the mastermind behind the famous saying: “The customer is always right.” Hiring a customer service team, before he even built a store must’ve been groundbreaking for his day and age. Here’s  some points and quotes I want to remember and apply to myself:

  • “Is this a Zappos experience or a CVS experience?”
  • Commit to being personable in your communication
  • Treat all your customers like VIPS
  • Consider the entire experience

“Customer support and the customer experience is the last thing we think about. It’s the last position we hire for, and we typically don’t even know who to fire for the job…If we want to emulate the way Selfridge envisioned the customer experience, we have to start with the idea that the customer deserves our attention, time, thought, planning, development and concern. The customer needs to feel that their needs are being met first, before they even know they have needs.”

“When your support team is an afterthought, or a second-class citizen, so are your customers. Customers deserve better. They deserve your time and attention and empathy. The team that delivers that to customers, day in and day out, deserves your respect.”

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