A Shift in Communication

I recently watched this fascinating video with Adam Leibsohn, COO of GIPHY, discussing why  “GIFS Are the Words of the Future “from PSFK.

GIPHY COO: Why GIFs Are the Words of the Future from PSFK onVimeo.

We don’t have time for words because they’re not fast enough, nor are they descriptive enough about the things we want to convey.

– Adam Leibsohn

Leibsohn goes on to explain that virtually, the new methods for communication offer a better more descriptive way to convey emotions in a shorter amount of time. This fascinating video just highlighted to me how important it is to constantly improve HOW I communicate in order to make sure it’s the most effective.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love the written word. I’m a huge book nerd and I appreciate the simple eloquence of pen and paper. But as time goes on, our form of communication is changing. Back in 1844 when we sent the first telegram – that changed our way of communicating. Likewise, with phones and email back in the 1990s and early 2000’s. Fast forward to 2016, the way we communicate is evolving.

I think how we express ourselves, goes WAY beyond just written word. Which is why I love gifs so much! I’m realizing that by using gifs in  everyday conversation with friends, family and coworkers; I’m able to express myself in a clear, concise and positive manner. (So millennial, I know) In fact, I’m able to express myself WAY better in gif form than in text form, and it’s contributing to building a happy positive rapport with my friends and colleagues.

Here’s what I’ve noticed over the past two weeks of consistently using gifs in my everyday conversation.

  • I communicate more frequently with my family, friends, and colleagues.
  • I’m better able to express myself. I can express my emotions better through gifs and memes – than just plain text and emoji’s.
  • I’m happier – when I get a gif or a meme from someone. I get this huge grin on my face and I can’t stop laughing.

While I still think words and use of text is absolutely fundamental to our communication nowadays. It’s perfectly okay to mix the old with the new. I’ve realized that by blending these together, I’ve become a better communicator in my personal and professional life.

Even though they’re small and simple, they pack all kinds of joy. You can send them anywhere, to anyone—for any reason. When you send just the right one, you make everyone a little happier.

 – Adam Leibsohn

Today’s communication is rapidly changing – and I’m totally jumping on the GIF-bandwagon.  Do you have any favorite gifs? 

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