A Week in the Life (Part 1)

There’s this saying that is always stuck on repeat in my head: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” So instead of telling you all about my week, I’ll show you.

Here’s a brief look into my life 🙂

Dream Necklace

Naturally, like any typical girl. I loooove jewelry. But I’m a little obsessed with this piece, for a unique reason. Not only is it a cute piece of jewelry to wear, and a good reminder for myself to constantly “Keep Dreaming.”

This rad company The Giving Key makes these awesome necklaces  – their motto is to “Embrace your word. And then pay it forward to a person you feel needs the message more than you.” They’re a great company that employs those who are homeless in LA, giving them a second chance to transition into a better life. The story behind the company is really inspirational if you get a chance you can check it out here. 🙂



After a long hiatus of surfing, I had the opportunity to go surfing this past weekend. It felt so amazing to get back out there and just enjoy the sunrise!

I kinda had a close call while surfing – and accidentally broke my surfboard. Haha I’m like the most naturally accident prone person (ask me about the time I broke my foot at a Beyonce concert) Haha 😉

Best Roomies in the World

Grabbed a quick mid-week lunch with my awesome roomies with a GREAT view of the beach 🙂

Newport Beach

One of the many things I love about California is the weather and the fantastic views. I snapped this pic while I was grabbing lunch with my roomies. Lately, I’ve just really been trying to take a step back and really appreciate where I live. It blows my mind that I live 10-15 mins away from the beach, and I get the chance to enjoy views like this every day. I’m really trying to not take that for granted, I’m making it a new goal to watch the sunset at least once a week!

Girls Night Out - Sam Hunt

Got a chance to have a GREAT girls night out on the town, and see Sam Hunt perform live! *swoon*

LA Night DancingThe other night I went out dancing in Hollywood with a group of friends, needless to say, it as super fun and a great cardio workout! But I’m pretty sure, I made up for it and  ate my weight in free tacos haha 

BuddyGot a chance to take this handsome stud for a hike! I’ve got the cutest workout buddy 🙂


Until next time!




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