About Me


I’m passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives. I want to be a small part of making the web a better place and making people happy; one smile at a time. 

Currently, living the dream working at my dream company Buffer as a Customer Advocate. I write about all things, customer advocacy, remote-work, and self-improvement experiments I’m currently. trying

I Love…

  • Beyonce (If you can quote the lyrics to Drunk in Love, we’ll be best friends)
  • Strong AF coffee
  • Puppies & Pun’s
  • Traveling. I landed my dream job at Buffer 3 years ago and I’m traveling the world. Come join! 
  • Surfing on the weekends

Random Things To Know About Me…

  • I grew up on the West Coast. Spending my time between Southern California and Kauai, Hawaii. So I love the ocean, and I’ll spend as much of my free time at the beach.
  • I’m a total foodie btw. I can watch Top Chef for HOURS.
  • My guilty pleasures include all things Italian, sushi, mangoes, ramen, tiramisu, and chai tea lattes.

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