A Shift in Communication

I recently watched this fascinating video with Adam Leibsohn, COO of GIPHY, discussing why  “GIFS Are the Words of the Future “from PSFK.

GIPHY COO: Why GIFs Are the Words of the Future from PSFK onVimeo.

We don’t have time for words because they’re not fast enough, nor are they descriptive enough about the things we want to convey.

– Adam Leibsohn

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My Secret to Self-Improvement

2016. A brand new year with a clean slate, and fresh New Years Resolutions.

There’s nothing wrong with goals, but I’ve never been a bigger believer in New Years Resolutions. Here’s why… I could never wrap my head around the whole “New Year. New Me.” attitude. I’m a huge advocate for consistent self-improvement, year-round.

Believe You Can And You’re Halfway There. – Theodore Roosevelt

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