The Power of Going First

I’ve been recently intrigued by this principle of the Power of Going First. 

Practice Going First. Say hello first, If you’re coming across somebody and make eye contact, smile first. Raise your hand and be the first to speak up in a meeting. I genuinely wish people would experiment with that in their life a little bit more: Be first, because – not at all times, but most times – it comes in your favor, people will surprise you. You’ll surprise yourself too.

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How We Should Define Success

Growing up in a 21st century world, often times people’s standard view of success involves having a huge social media following, living in a multi- million dollar home on the beach, driving a luxury car and traveling the world.  To be honest, that used to be my definition of success too.

“Having things isn’t success; living the life of your dreams is.” 

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A Personal Lesson on Learning

We are told from infancy, that we should “Get a good education.” Most people today, associate learning with formal education at school, college, university etc.  While I believe formal education is important; I don’t think we should be defined by our education credentials.

“Musicians don’t retire, they stop when there is no music in them.”                       – Louis Armstrong

I think this quote, goes hand-in-hand with learning. You never reach this point where you’re like, “Yup. I’ve learned it all, I officially know everything.”

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